Episode 06

John and Alex reunite in the spirit of friendship to talk about dragons, art style consistency, and black spotting!

I’m getting too old for this shit…

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What Alex did:

What John thinks:


Episode 05

In this special break-of-dawn episode of Desk Jockey, a very sleepy John talks with Butch about annoying people and random art related shit!

My grandpa and your grandpa used to sit by the fire.

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What John does:

Episode 01

It’s Week One of the Desk Jockey Podcast and your hosts John and Alex give you a taste of the meandering conversations that this show will pretty much be all about.  Topics covered are Singaporean holidays, Alex’s webcomic production blunders, Duncan Jones , and many more!

Because we didn’t have a show title yet as we recorded the show, Jockeybot inserts the correct title at random parts in this episode.

This is the way societies peak.

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