22: Extra Unicorn Tears

It’s a crowded bus this episode as John, Alex and Butch are together for the first time this year.  The boys discuss Bitstrips, the Perils of Googling for References, subscribing to cable TV, man unicorns, and JJ Abrams on Star Trek.  As a highlight, this episode features a brainstorming session for a short story John is writing.

Horse from behind.

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21: Hawtagalung

John and Butch close off a busy week with some meandering process talk.  Learn about John’s groundbreaking process for picking a story title!  Find out which animal is Butch’s artistic Achilles’ Heel!  Where is Alex?  Nadya Hutagalung!  Spooky stories! And then one listener question!  Yay!

Ripaporn Yakult.

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