The Desk Jockey Podcast is a semi-Weekly show featuring conversations between three artist buddies at their desks.  Topics range from art process, comics, movies, and pretty much anything under the sun.

johnJohn Amor is a comic book artist and budding writer who has had work published with Image and Zuda Comics.  He is the creator of The Urban Animal, which is an original graphic novel published in the Philippines.  He can see tension lines that emanate from your head when you’re stressed out, and then he comforts you.  Physically.





Alex Cipriano is a webcomic artist based in Singapore, where he works a desk job for a courier service.  He is the co-creator of the ChameleOFF webcomics.  He has a full set of teeth but always has something new under his pillow for the tooth fairy every night.





Butch Mapa is a comic book artist and possibly the biggest Cloak and Dagger fan on the planet.  He is a co-host of the Tres Komikeros podcast, along with John and Alex and a few other nerds.  Whenever a photograph of Butch is taken, the resulting picture always comes with a rainbow of sexy scents for you and your family to enjoy.



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