34: Ginabot Blues


Best buddies John and Alex reunite for the first episode of the year.  The boys talk about ginabot, John recent trip to Cebu, video games, digital drawing talk, more video games, the teaching profesion, and of course… things that annoy John.

I’m too old for this shit.

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33: Rambly Scrambly

dj33It’s a chill episode as John and Alex recall their recent travels, airline stress, discuss random art stuff, sexual harassment (yup), and a buncha movies they just saw!  And then the boys talk about their favorite inking tools, some of which y’all might find useful.

I don’t know.

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32: Fairy Tail

John and Alex are back for another DJ episode! This time, the boys talk about comics & manga they’ve read, movies watched, and eaten. things. There’s also some discussion on the never ending topic of digital vs. traditional art making. Hope you enjoy this latest episode! Hopefully the release scheduled will back on track in the coming weeks.

Oh, and John’s in Cebu right now. So to our Cebuano listeners, try hunting him down for free food and beer.

Download the episode here