32: Fairy Tail

John and Alex are back for another DJ episode! This time, the boys talk about comics & manga they’ve read, movies watched, and eaten. things. There’s also some discussion on the never ending topic of digital vs. traditional art making. Hope you enjoy this latest episode! Hopefully the release scheduled will back on track in the coming weeks.

Oh, and John’s in Cebu right now. So to our Cebuano listeners, try hunting him down for free food and beer.

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28: Bequeathments

It’s the week before Summer Komikon and John talks to Alex about his plans for the weekend and the things people should buy.  After a little bit of movie and TV talk, the duo answer some listener questions and talk more bullshit!

I’m Groot, okay?

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21: Hawtagalung

John and Butch close off a busy week with some meandering process talk.  Learn about John’s groundbreaking process for picking a story title!  Find out which animal is Butch’s artistic Achilles’ Heel!  Where is Alex?  Nadya Hutagalung!  Spooky stories! And then one listener question!  Yay!

Ripaporn Yakult.

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